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Alan Latourelle & Michael Resch Inducted into the Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame

TIAC is proud to announce this year's inductees into the Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame are Alan Latourelle, former CEO of Parks Canada, and Michael Resch, owner of Emerson Duty Free Shop in Emerson, Manitoba.

Please join us in recognizing their outstanding contribution to the tourism industry at the Air Canada Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame Luncheon on Wednesday, December 2nd as part of the Tourism Congress.

Meet the 2015 Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame Inductees

Alan Latourelle's tenure as CEO of Parks Canada was one of the most transformative in the Agency's history; positioning Parks as a true partner with Canada's tourism industry by achieving the balance between ecological conservation and heightened visitor experience.

Since his appointment as CEO in 2002, Alan has overseen the expansion of federally protected lands by nearly half and the creation of a number of national parks, including the Gwaii Hanaas National Marine Conservation Area Reserve in British Columbia, the Torngat Mountains National Park in Labrador and the Rouge National Urban Park in the GTA.

Alan was committed to increase the appreciation and connection Canadians have for their parks and historic sites. Through cooperation with local governments and the tourism industry, Parks Canada became a partner in developing, sustainable and ecologically responsible visitor experiences within the park system that now contribute over $3 billion in annual economic benefits.   The Brewster Glacier Sky Walk in Jasper, the world's quietest concert in Banff, Learn To Camp program, and the highly successful search for the Franklin Expedition are all part of Alan's legacy.

We are always taught to leave our campsite in better shape than we found it. Alan has left Parks Canada a world class example of wilderness conservation, species protection and visitor experience.

Michael Resch is a pioneer of the Canadian Duty Free industry, which today boasts annual sales of $200 (million) and employs over 15,000 tourism retail employees across the country. He was the recipient of the First Canadian Land Border Duty Free License in 1982 and owner of the longest operating Duty Free in Canadian history. He assisted CBSA in developing the duty free customer regulations/liquor license program in Manitoba.

Michael founded the Frontier Duty Free Association, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in November 2015. In the late 1990's, he spearheaded and lobbied the federal government for the Visitor Rebate Program to be instituted in Canada. While this program was cancelled in 2006, the FDFA continues to lobby government for a re-instatement of a newer, streamlined form of the program, as a much needed tourism incentives to U.S. visitors.

Working actively with Tourism Manitoba, Michael has participated in and led massive tourism initiatives to promote Manitoba and Emerson across the border in North Dakota and Minnesota. It was and still is Michael's passion that Americans travelled to Canada and specifically to Manitoba.

Michael has served on the TIAC Board of Directors for 20 years, and in 1989, received the F.G. (Gerry) Brander Memorial Award for his outstanding contributions to the Canadian tourism industry in the areas of industry awareness and tax reform.

About the Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame

The Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame publicly recognizes those individuals that have made tourism an important part of their life's work and whose actions have had a positive impact on the industry they serve.

Members of the Hall of Fame have helped to shape our sector as a vibrant contributor to our economy and position Canada as a welcoming destination.

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