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Tourism Canmore Kananaskis releases “Flood Heroes” video

"Flood Heroes" recognizes the efforts of Canmore residents who went beyond the extraordinary to help their neighbours when the town was hit with devastating flood waters in June. 

Homes were destroyed, families displaced, and highways to and from the town were damaged and closed. In just 3.5 days, and with the hard work of the community and fellow Albertans, Canmore's highways opened again re-uniting families, friends, and returning visitors to the Bow Valley. 

A call went out to recognize these people and efforts - culminating with Tourism Canmore Kananaskis launching "Flood Heroes" on their YouTube channel.

The video strikes the right balance between recognition of the incredible efforts that were made by Canmore's local heroes and the fact that Canmore is open for business. 

For a status update on businesses in the area, click here.


Tourism Canmore Kananaskis