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International Arrivals to Canada Surpass 2015 Annual Total in First 11 Months

The Tourism Snapshot provides a monthly and year-to-date update on key Destination Canada market visits to and from Canada, performance of competitors, and other tourism related statistics. Supporting statistical tables may also be viewed on our website at:

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Key highlights from the November 2016 edition:

  • International overnight arrivals reached 18.64 million visitors in the first 11 months of 2016, which is second to Canada’s record high reached in 2002 and already surpasses the annual total of 17.98 million visitors in 2015.
  • In November 2016, international overnight arrivals to Canada expanded by 12.7% to reach over 979,000 visitors, beating the record established in 2002 to achieve a new all-time high for the month of November.
  • Maintaining the trend observed in October, overnight arrivals from Destination Canada’s ten overseas markets grew by 21.5% year-over-year in November 2016. Once again this was achieved on the strength of double digit gains and record arrivals across all three global regions, including Asia-Pacific (+27.4%), Latin America (+22.5%), and Europe (+15.0 %).
  • Overnight arrivals from the United States (+11.0%) also saw double digit growth in November 2016, with the most notable gains observed in air arrivals (+13.5%) and auto arrivals (+10.3%), while growth in arrivals by other modes of transportation, such as train, cruise or bus, lagged behind (+1.2%).
  • Increases in scheduled direct air capacity in November 2016 continued to facilitate strong year-over-year performance in arrivals from several markets, most notably from Australia (+41.7% in the number of visitors [V], +102.8% in the number of seats [S]), India (V+23.1%, S+54.5%), South Korea (V+19.6%, S+40.6%), and Mexico (V+28.4%, S+31.2%). For Mexico in particular this performance was remarkable, given that the Visa requirement was still in place in November – scheduled to be lifted on December 1, 2016.
  • From January to November 2016, eight of Destination Canada’s ten overseas markets registered double-digit year-over-year increases in overnight arrivals, led by South Korea (+30.6%) and followed by China (+24.0%), Mexico (+19.5%), the United Kingdom (+16.1%), Australia (+15.4%), Germany (+11.9%), India (+11.4%) and Japan (+11.3%). Meanwhile, Brazil (-0.1%) was on par with its 2015 performance in spite of the economic turmoil impacting this market and a drop in direct air service between Canada and Brazil.
  • From January to November 2016, overnight arrivals from the United States, up 9.9%, added nearly 1.2 million visitors relative to the same period in 2015. Of these additional visitors, 54% entered Canada by air (+17.5%), 43% arrived by automobile (+7.1%), and 4% arrived by other modes of transportation (+3.6%).

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