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Quest to the End of the World - Canadian Rockies Snow Battle

Tourism Jasper is thrilled to share the release of the New Year’s Eve special of the Japanese reality show Sekai No Hatte Madde Itte Q!, featuring Jasper’s own Canadian Rockies Snow Battle.

Translated as the "Quest to the End of the World", the show features seven Japanese celebrities as they competed for the title of the Canadian National Yukigassen Champions in Jasper on November 25. The story follows the group as they prepare for the Canadian Rockies Snow Battle and play against Canadian teams.

Their fantastic, and often ridiculous, antics capture the physicality and strategy of the sport of Yukigassen (Japanese for "snow battle") while highlighting the fun team nature of the game. The game is a unique combination of dodgeball and capture the flag, using snowballs.

(Spoiler Alert!) The “Itte Q” team battled hard to make it to the final against reigning National Champs, the Canadian Snowbattlers, for a berth in the World Championship tournament in Japan, later this year. After coming in second place, the team already has plans to return to Jasper for the next tournament – with the goal of becoming Canadian Champions (although they admit, they don’t know our national anthem yet).

Interested in giving them a run for their money? The 2014 Canadian Rockies Snow Battle will be held on November 22, 2014! Please visit Tourism Jasper's website for more information.

The show has aired on Nippon Television Network for the past 7 years and is recognized as one of Japan's highest rated primetime shows, with an average of 18 million viewers every week. The Yukigassen episode aired on New Year’s Eve. It has been viewed over 50,000 times online in just two days.

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