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Transportation review important step to improving Canada's competitiveness

David Goldstein, President and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) welcomes today's announcement by Transportation Minister Lisa Raitt to review the competitiveness of Canada's aviation cost structure as part of the Government's review of the Canada Transportation Act (CTA).

"Canada is increasingly becoming a fly-to destination for international visitors, however our current structure of taxes, fees and levies on aviation travel undermine our competitiveness. We welcome the CTA review as it complements the efforts of the Federal Tourism Strategy designed to address the challenges and opportunities impacting the travel economy in Canada," stated Goldstein.  

Today Minister Raitt announced a panel of distinguished Canadians lead by David Emerson, charged with assessing the current Act's effectiveness in meeting Canada's travel and business needs. Of particular interest to TIAC is the direction given to the panel to examine Canada's aviation cost structure and intermodality capabilities to ensure the travel and tourism sector is able to compete in the modern global economy. 

Canada's aviation policy was developed almost two decades ago and has not kept pace with the global sector, the travel and tourism industry looks forward to this review.

"I want to recognize Minister Raitt for her leadership to modernize Canada's aviation policy, and her choice of David Emerson to head the initiative. Mr. Emerson's unique experience and knowledge of both the public and private sector perspectives in this area is unparalleled. This review is an important step in boosting competitiveness throughout our industry which is a key driver of economic growth and job creation in every region of the country," concluded Goldstein. 

About TIAC - The Tourism Industry Association of Canada is the only national organization representing the full cross-section of Canada's $78.8 billion tourism industry. TIAC's members include air and passenger rail services, airport authorities, local and provincial destination authorities, hotels, attractions and tour operators.

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