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New President of the Lethbridge Lodging Association

The Lethbridge lodging Association (LLA) has undergone some major changes in the past month and as a result, a change in leadership has ensued.
As of current, Dwayne Stratton of the Holiday Inn Lethbridge is the interim President of the Lethbridge Lodging Association by a unanimous election, a position that was previously held by Bruce Primeau of the Sandman Hotel. Dwayne Stratton will hold this position until the next LLA Annual General Meeting which will be in March of 2013.  

Along with this significant change, Erin Crane of the University of Lethbridge Conference and Event Services has been voted in as Secretary Treasurer. Curtis Burton of the Coast Hotel and Conference Centre remains Vice President and will aid Dwayne Stratton in his newly acquired role as President along with former  LLA President, Bruce Primeau.   
The Lethbridge Lodging Association is excited by the positive momentum gained from 2012 and looks forward to keep the momentum going into 2013.

About the LLA - The Lethbridge Lodging Association develops, promotes  and sponsors partnerships, events and activities that raise awareness of Lethbridge as a tourism  destination on a global stage. The LLA has dedicated more than three years toward creating the appropriate infrastructure from which to implement collection of the Destination Marketing Fund (DMF), and conduct DMF funded activities.   
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