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Tourism Industry Rallies Together for Tourism Week

Tourism Week in Canada is a grassroots initiative that celebrates Canada's travel and tourism industry, its tremendous contributions to economic growth and job creation, and raises awareness of the public policy challenges serving to undermine Canada's competitiveness in attracting international visitors.

Tourism in Canada is a robust and resilient sector in every region of the country contributing $88.5B in economic activity and creating over 228,000 jobs – 207,000 youth jobs under 25.

This year's Tourism Week rallied the industry behind a series of growth-focused policy recommendations to influence the party platforms for the upcoming general election this Fall:

  • Travel and tourism is a fiercely competitive global industry where quality of experience, ease of access and price point determine advantage.
  • Quality visitor experiences require a vibrant, well-trained work force. Canada's current available labour force is insufficient to meet the service standards demanded by international visitors to Canada.
  • Canada has the best airport infrastructure is the world but the burden of taxes, fees and levies imposed on the airfares results in over 6 million Canadians choosing US border airports annually.
  • Canada is the only country in the world that imposes the entire operational and security costs or air travel onto the travelling public distorting the cost of air travel to and within Canada by as much as 40%.


Tourism Industry Association of Canada