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Local businesses support new landmark animated bear at Discovery Wildlife Park

A new landmark icon is on the horizon at Discovery Wildlife Park in Innisfail, Alberta.

The landmark animated bear, an 11,000-pound creature that rises from 12 feet tall on all fours to more than 20 feet at full height, is in sight of Canada’s third-busiest thoroughfare, the Queen Elizabeth II Highway. Its action, powered by a repurposed oil field pump jack, also evokes the region’s oil-drilling activity.

Designed by Bert Bos, this project was supported by local businesses including National Oilfield Varco, Conoco Phillips, Dale Morigeau, Welcan Welding, Agriwest Inc., General Paint Red Deer, Andy’s Light Oilfield Hauling, Iron Eagle Pilings, Progressive Bearing & Hydraulic, Innisfail Tire & Lube, and Kal Tire of Innisfail.

“This new moving beast at Discovery Wildlife Park will cement the Park’s status as Bear Capital of the World.” states Bos. Among other things, Discovery Wildlife Park is home to the famous bears of Ruth LaBarge –Whopper, Betty, Bonkers and Ursula – whose twice-daily Bear Awareness show educates viewers about bears and bear safety. Viewers can have their pictures taken with the bears. Some bears have appeared in films, television shows and commercials. Some have been involved in sophisticated scientific research with universities and colleges. In addition, the Park houses one of the only white black bears in captivity, named Maskwa. Discovery Wildlife Park was featured in a 2009 episode of Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild. The episode was so well received that it ranked #2 in Jack Hanna's Top Ten Bear Encounters.

Discovery Wildlife Park also includes animal shows with beavers, bears, jaguars and small animals, and a behind-the-scenes tour of tigers and jaguars with skilled keepers. Many of the park’s trained animals have appeared in movies.

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