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Small Town Saturday Night Brings Big Fun to Bashaw

Travel Alberta partnered with the Big Valley Jamboree to bring the Small Town Saturday Night grand prize concert to Bashaw with the Small Town Saturday Night contest. The concert was a huge success with $67,000 raised toward the Bashaw School Arts Infusion Program and the Bashaw Creative Community Committee.

Community enthusiasm and commitment shone through in their efforts in bringing the event together.

The Town of Bashaw entered the contest with an inspiring video submission featuring a parody of the opening musical number from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast that takes viewers on a virtual walkthrough of the community. The community’s particular flair for all things creative is on full display in the video which features a cast of local characters and highlights the town’s thriving theatre scene.

The Small Town Saturday Night grand prize concert, April 27 at the Bashaw Arena, was headlined by Canadian country music artist Chad Brownlee and was attended by over 800 community residents and visitors. Community events included a barbeque, silent auction, songwriter’s acoustic performance and autograph session.

“Hosting the Small Town Saturday Night was an amazing accomplishment for the Town of Bashaw,” says Penny Shantz, Mayor of Bashaw. “Our community really came together to support this event demonstrating the pride and spirit for which Bashaw is known. On behalf of Council I would like to express our sincere thanks to Travel Alberta, Panhandle Productions, the Creative Community Committee, Town of Bashaw Volunteers, and the audience for making this such a successful and memorable event.”

Jackie Northey, Chair of the Bashaw Small Town Saturday Night Organizing Committee, said of the experience, “We cannot find enough words to express how much this gift meant to our community. Panhandle Productions, Travel Alberta and all of the other major sponsors of Small Town Saturday Night accomplished what others dedicate years to achieve. Their vision allowed rural communities across the province to dream big and build their community in the process. The Bashaw community is very fortunate.”

“Small Town Saturday Night was originally created as a way for Alberta’s small communities to share the stories and hidden gems that make them such wonderful places to visit,” says Bruce Okabe, Chief Executive Officer of Travel Alberta. “We couldn’t be happier for Bashaw and are pleased to hear that they will be using the funds raised to support programming that will empower them to go on telling their stories creatively for many years to come.”

Larry Werner, Producer of Big Valley Jamboree and Panhandle Productions notes, “Small Town Saturday Night 2013 in Bashaw was a tremendous success; the local committee and community came together to showcase the culture and diversity of Bashaw. The event is an opportunity for Big Valley Jamboree to say thank you to the rural fans for their ongoing support of our annual festival. The cooperative efforts of Travel Alberta, Panhandle Productions, The Cooperators, Axe Productions and all of our media partners have made the event possible. I congratulate all the communities who entered and a very special thank you to Bashaw for a job well done!”

The Small Town Saturday Night initiative and concert was featured on Alberta Primetime on April 30.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the 2013 Small Town Saturday Night a roaring good time.

Save the date for this year's Big Valley Jamboree, August 1-4 in Camrose!


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