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Expedia Award Recognizes Travel Alberta Innovation

Travel Alberta is always looking for new ways to engage the Expedia audience by putting Alberta front and centre. In today’s competitive tourism landscape, working with online travel agencies (OTAs) is critical to sharing Alberta’s story. In December, Travel Alberta was recognized for the second year in a row with an Expedia Award for the 2014 North America Innovative Campaign of the Year.

Travel Alberta’s North America travel trade team and media team worked together to build on an existing partnership with Expedia Media Solutions in North America with the goal of building brand awareness in key international markets, including the United States., Canada, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia. Travel Alberta executed marketing campaigns on global Expedia platforms, developed custom microsites to support destination selection, and created social media engagement promotions.

Within the U.S. – Travel Alberta’s largest international market – we worked with Expedia to amplify the marketing programs through the execution of a satellite media tour (SMT). The Travel Alberta Satellite Media Tour marked the first time Expedia worked with a destination on an SMT and the first time an Expedia SMT came to Canada. This initiative was that driving force for this year’s award.

Satellite Media Tour Reaches 13 Million People
The Travel Alberta satellite media tour was set up on the shores of Lake Louise in July, where an Expedia spokesperson interacted live with news anchors across the U.S. sharing summer travel tips. As well as the spectacular Alberta backdrop provided by Lake Louise, stories about all of Alberta’s travel destinations were aired during the broadcast, along with great examples of summer travel destinations that can be purchased through Expedia. The SMT was aired 1,674 times, reaching 13 million people.

“This award is a great example of how our team works together to make these types of programs and partnerships successful. And this is something that does not go unnoticed by partners like Expedia,” said Bart Donnelly, Director, Travel Trade, Canada & USA.

OTA Partnerships Enhance Alberta Awareness
The award announcement took place at the Expedia Partners Conference on December 10 where the top four North America Campaigns were awarded. Noah Tratt, Global Vice President of Media Solutions who presented the award, spoke highly of the Travel Alberta partnership, the innovation that comes from our team, and how Travel Alberta is always challenging Expedia to be innovative. The SMT is a great example of how a partnership with this leading OTA brand enhances destination awareness and helps Alberta reach millions of travel-savvy consumers.



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