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How much was the national tourism industry worth in 2016?

National Tourism Indicators are in for 2016 and the answer is that tourism is worth a lot, to the tune of $91.6 billion – the equivalent of more than $2,500 per Canadian injected into our national economy. 

Where is the money going?

Domestic expenditures saw an increase of 2.5 per cent year over year to $71.6 billion– the equivalent of nearly 3.5 million first class rail tickets from Toronto to Vancouver (passenger rail transport saw the biggest increase).

Tourism export increased almost 11 per cent year over year to $20 billion, or 9 billion extra-large double doubles(food and beverage represented biggest increase).

Tourism Employment grew by nearly 2 per cent year over year to more than 720,000 jobs – equal to 36,000 20-crew shifts at McDonalds.

National Tourism Indicators provide a great snapshot of how Tourism Works – it is a vital component of our national and provincial economy. To find out more on the economic impact of tourism, check out the Alberta Market Monitor and the National Tourism Indicators 
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