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Enhanced Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) Launching Soon

Travel purchase behaviours have changed. Today, travellers have turned from offline sources to the always on, real-time, everything-at-my-fingertips convenience of online resources: from the proliferation of online travel websites and the explosion of reviews from complete strangers, to their own trusted networks of friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Engaging with today’s digitally connected travellers is difficult for even the savviest marketers.

Travel Alberta is helping tourism operators reach travellers in this new digital landscape by redeveloping the Alberta Tourism Information Service, known as ATIS 2.0. This free online marketing platform, which launches in April 2016, will provide the Alberta tourism industry with a competitive advantage.

Extend Your Marketing Reach with ATIS

Marketing tourism businesses online shouldn’t be a headache, so we developed ATIS 2.0 with non-technical business users in mind. Our goal is to make it easy for tourism suppliers to build and manage an online presence that creates interest and drives conversion. ATIS 2.0 also has a content service function, meaning we will distribute information about businesses listed on ATIS to a growing network of tourism marketing partners.

As a tourism provider, once you enter your content through your ATIS 2.0 account, that content will be displayed on a dedicated page for your business within the website. It may also be featured in our email marketing and numerous other digital platforms. And Travel Alberta will provide translation services to promote your export-ready travel experiences to an international audience. This means greater reach than ever before.

Turning Insights into Results

The new ATIS platform generates real-time reports that will provide tourism operators with insights on how travellers are finding their business and interacting with their content. They will see how many visitors have clicked on offers, where the traveller is from and whether they are clicking through from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. This will give tourism providers the opportunity to adjust their content to attract more guests.

Partnering to Accumulate Content

Travel Alberta is partnering with destination marketing organizations, sectors, associations and interest groups throughout the province to pre-populate ATIS with as many business listings as possible to help give a leg up to operators early in this process.

Stay connected through our industry channels for more news about ATIS 2.0 in the weeks ahead. To learn more, visit And check out this video:

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