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Can+ Program to facilitate trade and travel with India

This past May, TIAC participated in the successful launch of the CAN+ visa facilitation program for Mexico.

On July 7, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced the expansion of CAN+ to include India, which will result in more efficient processing for Indian visitors coming to Canada. 

CAN+ is available to Indian nationals who have travelled to Canada or the US within the last 10 years. Expedited processing, which will free up visa officers to work on other cases, will improve overall processing times for all Indian travellers.

Alexander made the announcement during an event with representatives of India’s business, tourism and education sectors, where he highlighted a number of successful government initiatives that are increasing trade and travel to Canada from India. This includes: three visa “Express” programs for Indian businesspeople, students and tourists; 10 Visa Applications Centres (VACs) across India — a global record; and a standardized multiple-entry visa at a reduced fee of CAD $100.

All of these government initiatives are providing fast and easier options for international travellers to come to Canada to do business, learn, and support Canada’s tourism sector.

Quick facts:

• Indian nationals rank in the top 10 source countries of international visitors to Canada.
• In 2013, more than 130,000 visitor visas were issued to Indian citizens, and nearly 14,000 Indian citizens were issued student permits.
• A CAN+ pilot program in India delivered impressive results with visas issued within five days and an approval rate over 95 per cent.
• Individuals eligible for CAN+ visa processing do not need to provide as many supporting documents when submitting their applications.

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