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The L Spa & Wellness Centre – Ranking High in Canada and in North America

The L Spa & Wellness Centre has lots to celebrate to bring in the new Year. The annual rankings from Spas of America are in and the L Spa is glowing. 

Spas of America just announced their Top 50 spas in Canada of 2016 and their Top 100 spas in North American for 2016.

The L Spa ranked an outstanding top 16 on the list out of 50 spas in Canada who made the list. The L Spa made an amazing 49th ranking out of the 100 spas eligible for the list in North America. The L Spa is the only spa on the list from Grande Prairie and there is only one other spa in Alberta ranked higher than the L Spa in the Top 50 spas in Canada. The L Spa ranked higher than the other four Alberta spas that made the Top 50 list of spas in Canada.

This year, The Top 100 Spas of 2016 includes 66 spas from the United States, including 17 from California, 28 spas from Canada, including four from Alberta, three from Mexico, two from Brazil and one from Turkey. The L Spa came in fourth in the category of a spa located in a city out of the 100 spas making the list.

Owner of The L Spa and Wellness Centre, Leah Podollan says the L Spa is absolutely thrilled to receive these honours. 2016 was a particularly challenging economic year for Alberta. To be bestowed with these accolades and be in the company of such distinguished spas across the continent and beyond is a tribute to our loyal Spa Junkies and our hard-working professional team as they persevere to promote wellness and the healthy benefits of spa'ing in all seasons and for many reasons.

These accolades are on the heels of receiving one of the Top 25 Spas in Canada award from Spa Inc and the Spa Industry Association of Canada.

Spas of America is the largest spa and wellness travel website, showcasing more than 600 of the best resort, hotel and health spas to consumers around the world. The website allows consumers to search for spas by name, keyword, location or experience, and to browse spas on an interactive map. The ranking of the leading spas is based on consumer behavior on its website.

We’re thankful to our engaged and loyal audience, says Podollan, many of whom share us with friends, tweet, check-in when visiting the spa, and leaving much appreciated reviews for us.

Leah Podollan is the “L” behind The L Spa & Wellness Centre. A self-acclaimed “spa junkie” with a passion for health and wellness, Leah’s vision and focus is all about the fine attention to detail, personalized service, modern & trendy ~ yet tranquil and soul nurturing. The L Spa is dedicated to providing a wellness experience in an oasis that refreshes the body, calms the mind and soothes the soul. The Spa has a high regard for quality assurance delivered by a skilled team of professionals providing individual wellness and holistic therapies.

For the list of Spas of America’s Top 50 Spas of 2016:

For the list of Spas of America’s Top 100 Spas of 2016:

For more information or to set up an interview with Leah Podollan, contact: Melanie Tighe-Lovsin, Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing, 250.307-8488 or

The L Spa and Wellness Centre is located in the Podollan Inn & Spa, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.
10612-99TH Avenue, Grande Prairie, AB, Canada T8V 8E8

The L Spa and Wellness Centre