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Instagram Celebrity Eelco Roos Shines Light on Alberta

Starting with the very first Instagram trip Travel Alberta co-hosted with the CTC (now Destination Canada) in 2013, photographer Eelco Roos (@croyable on Instagram) was a match made in heaven for Alberta’s breathtaking vistas. Fast forward two years, and Instagram has blown up – and with Travel Alberta’s help, Eelco Roos has hit the mainstream as a top-tier Instagram influencer.

People Magazine listed Roos in their “Top Picks” section in their August 31 issue, using one of his memorable shots in Jasper. More recently, the very popular TV show “Valerio International” filmed a show in Alberta, following Eelco’s footsteps through the Rockies to show both why he loves Alberta as well as to talk about his influence as a Dutch celebrity. The show airs this month.

These wins are a great demonstration of how Alberta can develop relationships with rising influencers, who in turn are able to shine the light on our destination to an international audience.

The Power of Social Influencers

Social media has changed the way the world communicates and a powerful player on the scene – the social influencer – is transforming how Travel Alberta markets Alberta’s tourism experiences.

Social influencers can help you stand out from the crowd by telling your story to an audience bigger than your own with authenticity and authority. Travel Alberta is leveraging these consumer conversations with a strategy to work with social media influencers to share Alberta tourism stories with their communities. These authentic voices are helping to make Alberta one of the most talked-about travel destinations in the world.

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