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Travel Alberta launches US Summer Campaign

Travel Alberta’s 2012 U.S.  Summer Campaign is set to bring the brand to life with bold activation online and offline from April 9 until June 30. 


“The initiatives are seeped in the understanding that Alberta doesn’t  just have activities, but moments that will happen in Alberta’s summer experiences that are packaged as authentic adventures captured in breathtaking landscapes,” said Shelley Grollmuss Executive Director, North America .  “It is the Alberta experiences that will distinguish us from other destinations and this year’s plan reflects the need to change perceptions about Alberta, raise awareness and ultimately move consumers down the path to purchase to conversion for industry,” she said.


According to Jasmine Thompson, Director Consumer Marketing USA, the campaign will laser target the Free Spirit segment in the California market with a specific focus on Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and Orange County.  The campaign will be 60/40 per cent split of offline and online media.  Media that will be leveraged include cable and local television, inflight videos on both Air Canada and Continental / United Airlines, search engine marketing, online display banners, newspaper print ads and a free standing insert.  In addition, an experiential marketing acitivity will be conducted to create buzz and social media conversation in the PR Media space.  All calls to action will point Free Spirits to the campaign site ( to purchase summer vacation offers.    

“These efforts by Travel Alberta are expected to generate more than 443,417,512 impressions and more than 10,000 referrals to the Alberta industry” said Thompson.
Travel Alberta