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Travel Alberta's 2014-2015 Annual Report is now available for download.

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Tourism works for Alberta.

Travellers to and within Alberta are fostering an economy that benefits all Albertans. Alberta receives more than 34 million person-visits each year, generating $8 billion in revenue, which brings with it significant spillover effects. Tourism supports job creation, infrastructure development and community building. And it’s a resilient and growing industry.

Tourism also plays a much larger role in building our province. From creating enhanced opportunities for local investment and business expansion to upholding perceptions of how Albertans think about where they live and their quality of life, tourism influences perceptions of our province as whole with out-of-province visitors too.

Albertans travelling in Alberta will always be core to our industry. We continue to inspire Albertans to choose homegrown experiences; however, travellers coming from outside Alberta bring new and incremental revenue into the province, propelling and diversifying our provincial economy. In both cases, we have focused on inspiring visitors through our brand to travel more, stay longer and share their authentic Alberta experiences with others.

According to the Alberta Tourism Market Monitor, the majority of Alberta tourism indicators showed positive growth in 2014.National park attendance, airline passenger traffic, and visits to historical sites and museums all increased when compared to 2013.Alberta has the highest per capita air seat count among all provinces, and as a whole, air seat capacity has grown 17.1% since 2010.By March 2015, we had accumulated in excess of 233,000 Facebook fans, 626,000 Weibo followers, 167,000 Instagram followers and 140,000 Twitter followers – all significant increases year over year. Travel Alberta is focused on ensuring that our marketing activity matters.

We are pleased to present a review of our activities in 2014–2015 based on the following four strategic objectives:

  1. Leverage Brand Strength
  2. Defend and Grow Tourism Revenues
  3. Mobilize Team Alberta
  4. Drive Organizational Excellence

In the past year we have made great strides in reaching target travellers online, where research and travel decisions are made. The social influencer has elevated the authenticity of our brand through user generated content (UGC).The most powerful and authentic messages we can share are travellers’ own images, videos, stories and comments. We’ve been increasingly leveraging that content and have been integrating UGC in our marketing efforts and realizing growing success over the past three years. Many of the photos included in this report are from real travellers who have shared these images with Travel Alberta through our social channels.

Another way Travel Alberta has committed to growing the visitor economy is through our efforts to develop and refresh tourism experiences within the province. Our team works with industry to grow the supply side of the business. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, new experiences authentic to Alberta will be a key part of our competitive advantage. In 2014-2015 Travel Alberta worked with partners across the province to develop 32 new and refreshed tourism experiences.

My thanks to our many tourism industry partners; without their overwhelming support Team Alberta wouldn’t be in our current enviable position to capitalize on growth. Thank you to the Department of Culture and Tourism for their continued dedication to Alberta’s tourism industry. My gratitude also to our Board of Directors, particularly our outgoing Chair Rick LeLacheur and Vice Chair Steven Glover, who have been instrumental in helping to transform the organization into the effective, accountable and transparent marketing and destination development agency we are today. And also to the Alberta Strategic Tourism Council (ASTC) members and long-time outgoing Chair Mac McKenny, all of whom have provided wisdom and guidance along the way.

Our strategic advantage is not just defined by the amazing experiences, geography and places throughout this incredible province we are lucky to call home. It’s our belief that our strategic advantage is created by the partnerships that we build, collaboration to drive economic growth and a relentless focus on the traveller at the core of our strategy. A successful year is the proof.

Royce Chwin
President and CEO, Travel Alberta

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