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Two Alberta Tourism Businesses Complete CWM Scholarship Program

Canada’s West Marketplace (CWM) in Kelowna marked the third and final year of support under the CWM Scholarship Program for the Atlas Coal Mine near Drumheller and Canmore Cave Tours. Both businesses have received training and financial support for the marketplace since 2012.

Travel Alberta’s Cam Spence and Anastasia Martin-Stilwell hosted a special reception for the CWM scholars on November 17 and presented a Certificate of Completion to Kelly Eddy of Atlas Coal Mine. Due to weather conditions, Adam Walker with Canmore Cave Tours was unable to attend, but received his certificate at an impromptu celebration the following day.

The marketplace was a success for all of the scholars. By building compelling profiles (that included images, logos, and leveraging the What’s New section of the profile) each of the scholars achieved strong interest and collectively went into the marketplace with over 265 Buyer appointment requests. Additionally, to support the team’s scholar strategy, Cam and Anastasia established a “Scholar Hub” in the delegate lounge to provide additional one-on-one support and facilitate questions that scholars had between appointments.

CWM 2015 Statistics

This year’s CWM event attracted 504 delegates. Among the 118 buyers representing 15 countries, 35 were new to the event this year. In attendance were 157 Alberta seller delegates representing 113 organizations. The total number of appointments prescheduled for sellers was 9,500 over the three-day event.

Looking Forward to CWM 2016 in Alberta

Beautiful Jasper, Alberta, has been chosen to host the 2016 Canada’s West Marketplace.

Held from November 14-17, 2016, the 29th annual Canada’s West Marketplace will provide a dynamic local forum for promoting Western Canadian tourism products to tour operators and wholesalers from around the world.

More than 300 Alberta and British Columbia tourism suppliers are expected to attend the event, meeting with and promoting their products to international tour operators and wholesalers from across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. Read the full story.

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