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Positive Tourism Growth for Alberta in 2014

Indicators show that 2014 was a solid year for Alberta’s tourism industry.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Alberta Tourism Market Monitor 2014 Edition is now available, providing year-over-year key indicator data including accommodations, attendance, air passengers, food and beverage and highway traffic counts. Here are some of the indicators that point to positive growth for tourism in 2014:

  • Park visitor attendance (including individuals and group tours) at the three National Parks experienced impressive growth from 2013:
    • Banff National Park – up 7.9%
    • Jasper National Park – up 6.5%
    • Waterton Lakes National Park – up 1.3%
  • Visitor attendance at heritage sites and museums increased by 2.5% from 2013
  • Total receipts for Alberta food services and drinking places increased by 6% from 2013
  • Air traffic volumes in the province also showed strong growth from 2013:
    • Calgary International Airport – 6.6% increase in total passenger traffic
    • Edmonton International Airport – 5% increase in total passenger traffic
  • The Alberta resorts occupancy rate increased 3 points from 2013
  • The occupancy rate for Alberta (excluding resorts) in 2014 was 67.8%, compared to 64.3% for the whole of Canada
  • The average daily room rate for Alberta (excluding resorts) in 2014 was $142.98, compared to $138.28 nationally

Read the full report on Travel Alberta’s industry website.

The monthly publication has a new presentation style including analysis and interpretation for selected indicators in addition to data tables.

You can access the Monthly Market Monitor through Travel Alberta’s Industry Website  to keep up-to-date on the province’s tourism industry performance.


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