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New Canadians Prepare for First Camping Experience in Jasper National Park

National Park of Canada, Brewster Travel Canada, the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, Mountain Equipment Co-op and Scouts Canada are partnering up again this year to teach new Canadian families how to camp.  

“We want to engage new Canadians and help them develop the necessary comfort level they need to camp”, said Sean Nardella, Visitor Experience Promotions, Jasper National Park of Canada “This program helps connect families that just arrived in Canada to each other and to their new home through camping.”  

This unique “Learn to Camp” initiative is offered free of charge to recently immigrated families in Edmonton that are interested in camping and exploring nature. All of the participating families are offered a two day pre-camping class at Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers. Once classes are over, participants are transported by Brewster Travel Canada from Edmonton to Jasper where they overnight for the weekend and get a chance to practice what they learned. During the day, families partake in a series of fun activities presented by Scouts Canada and Parks Canada that include setting up a campsite properly, cooking outdoors, staying safe in bear country and enjoying nature through games and activities. On their last day, the group will visit the Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure and enjoy a ride unto the Athabasca Glacier onboard a massive Ice Explorer.  

“We recognize the importance of connecting people to nature and are very pleased to be part of this program,” said Michael Hannan, President, Brewster Travel Canada “Most of the families that participate in this program have never seen a glacier or have enjoyed camping in nature before. We hope this experience creates a long lasting impression and encourages families to return to the National Parks.”  

Last year, 46 new Canadians attended the first “Learn to Camp” program. Participants ranged in age from toddlers to grandparents and were from all corners of the world: Afghanistan, Ethiopia, China, China (Uyghur region), Latvia, Japan, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, Columbia, El Salvador.

This year’s program will run from June 22 to June 24, 2012.  


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