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New Report: Canada's Millennial Domestic Travellers

Youth will have its fling (ideally in Canada).

The Research department of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has analyzed the data around domestic millennial (young travellers ages 18 to 34 travelling without kids or parents) travel in a new study. The Canada Millennial Domestic Travel Summary Report is a must-read for Canadian travel businesses keen to tap into this sector.

The millennial travel sector is catching the eyes of international tourism marketers everywhere, with the number of youth trips expected to double by 2020 to 300 million per year. It’s no longer a niche, but rather a catalyst for true growth, making millennial travellers valuable to the Canadian travel industry.

There are other benefits from the millennials sector for tourism, including:

  • Millennials are often trailblazers who discover and publicize spots undiscovered by traditional tourists
  • Millennials often spend more in destinations because they travel longer
  • Millennials rack up the air miles by travelling further and more often than other groups.

The report focuses on three major areas:

  • Canada’s millennial travel segment, including the size of the market, its growing economic importance and how it helps define national identity.
  • Characteristics of young Canadian travellers, including the values and culture millennials hold dear, their social values, trip patterns and spending habits.
  • Interest in Canada as a travel destination, putting Canada’s strengths and weaknesses as a youth travel destination under the microscope.

Read the Canada Millennial Domestic Travel Summary Report in full.


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