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Apply to become part of the Canadian Signature Experiences Collection

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is continuing to build on their collection of travel experiences that will be used to show the world what Canada is all about. The CTC’s marketing and sales teams draw on this collection of Canadian Signature Experiences to capture the attention and imagination of consumers around the world, and to entice them to visit Canada now.

Tourism businesses that deliver engaging experiences that exemplify Canada’s tourism brand and engage travellers with the culture, people, or geography in ways that are authentic and memorable are being invited to apply to become part of this collection. The CTC is accepting new applications from March 20 to April 30.

Celebrating a single, made-in Canada visitor experience, the Canadian Signature Experiences Collection represents large and small companies, rural, urban and remote experiences and visitor experiences that are offered to mass and niche markets. It is aligned to deliver internationally on the CTC’s Canada. Keep Exploring brand promise and drive international sales to Canadian tourism businesses.

These experiences are marketed to four international core markets (the UK, France, Germany and Australia) and six international emerging markets (China, South Korea, Mexico, Japan, Brazil and India). The CTC works actively with the travel trade and travel media in-market to ensure integration of the Collection in trade development, media/PR, social media and consumer-direct marketing initiatives.

Experiences in this Collection are helping Canada win more international travel business, which is the biggest benefit of the program. Of course, there are also marketing benefits for tourism businesses that work to include themselves in the Canadian Signature Experiences collection. The program will give tourism businesses that qualify (based on the program criteria) a chance to reach key international audiences by way of CTC marketing, media and sales campaigns that cover 10 markets. These campaigns use the very best approaches like social media, travel media relations and web marketing.

For answers to your questions or to read the selection criteria, application process and online application form visit

Travellers around the world are telling us that they want to explore and live a life that’s less ordinary. We’ve promised these travellers that our country is the place where they can fulfill this dream. Canada’s tourism operators are key to delivering on that promise with the Canadian Signature Experiences program.

About the CTC - The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is Canada’s national tourism marketing organization that promotes Canada in 10 countries internationally to increase the market potential of every tourism business in Canada, large and small.

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