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The Calgary Hotel Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Jon Jackson as Executive Director

Mr. Jackson has been an integral part of the CHA over the last few years, where he has been instrumental in many facets of growing the presence of the DMF while working with the CHA Board of Directors and our quadrants to help promote tourism in Calgary.

He has also worked at growing the relationships between the CHA and our many partners throughout the Calgary Tourism Industry.

“The CHA is excited to have Mr. Jackson assume of the role of Executive Director,” says Leanne Shaw-Brotherston, Chairman of the CHA. “We are confident that he will continue to work with all parties involved to bring Calgary to the forefront in Canadian hospitality.”

Mr. Jackson will assume the role effective immediately.

For more information please contact:
Leanne Shaw-Brotherston - Chairman, CHA Board of Directors
T: 403.250.1800

About the CHA - The Calgary Hotel Association is comprised of 59 member hotel properties located in four primary quadrants across the city: Downtown, South Calgary, Northeast and Northwest. These properties feature a combined total of 10,433 rooms to meet the needs of a wide range of visitors to Calgary. The Calgary Hotel Association is a voluntary association that serves its member properties and other tourism industry stakeholders by promoting the common economic, political, community and environmental interests of the membership. The CHA Board of Directors is comprised of General Managers from different hotels across the city which meet regularly to discuss policies and to oversee operational programs including the DMF.

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