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Win a Marketing Makeover – Canadian Tourism Commission

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is Canada’s national tourism marketing organization. Together with our industry and government partners, we have been extremely successful in developing a strong tourism brand for Canada. Our international marketing campaigns and programs increase the market potential of every tourism business in Canada, large and small. We also provide free research and tools on our corporate website to help people develop their tourism business. 

The CTC wants to ensure your business is receiving the vital tourism information and marketing knowledge that you feel you need. We also want to determine if creating a community where tourism businesses can connect with each other to learn and share best practices is something we should be exploring.

A survey has been created to provide us with this important information. Complete the survey and you will be entered to win new marketing copy, help with photography, 10 hours with a marketing expert, and your very own Commercial EQTM Quiz. Powered by our award-winning EQ, use this cutting-edge marketing tool to put the right offer in front of your best customer. Find out more about our award-winning EQ at www.Canada.Travel/Corporate

Total prize value is $7,500. Survey must be completed by midnight, PST, March 9th, 2012, to be eligible for the draw.

On behalf of our team, thank you for completing this survey or for passing it on to your members to complete. Most of all, thank you for helping us do our part in making Canada’s tourism industry stronger and more competitive than ever.

Destination Marketing Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Tourism Industry Associations and other membership based tourism organizations are asked to please forward this survey to their member tourism businesses.

Canadian Tourism Commission