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Is your ATIS listing ready for spring and summer travellers?

There still might be snow on the ground—with more to come before it’s all gone—but it is time to update your ATIS listings for the upcoming spring and summer season. Albertans and international visitors alike are starting to make their travel plans and it is important to be visible when and where they are searching.

The Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) is a free content marketing tool available to Alberta tourism organizations and businesses. It allows operators to promote their businesses on the Travel Alberta website, as well as through a growing network of publishers, websites and apps.

If you already have an ATIS account, this is a great time to log in and review your content, refresh your photos and make any updates that are needed. If you are looking for ways to improve your pages, the Listing Health Score is a good place to start.

This is also an opportunity to think about any events you have coming up or new offers you want to promote. The more information you can share, the more opportunities you have to connect with travellers.

If you don’t have a free ATIS account, you should create one, and start adding your content to the site.

Accommodations, attractions, food and entertainment, rentals, transportation and guided tours are just a few of the categories that can be posted and shared. ATIS organizes all this content online and makes it easy for potential travellers to find what they are looking for and contact your business.

All kinds of tips and resources are available on the Travel Alberta industry website to help you create content that stands out, photos that pop and get your business noticed by potential travellers.

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