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Travel Alberta reaches 100,000 Twitter followers

Travel Alberta is excited to announce another social media milestone – the number of followers on our Twitter page (@travelalberta) reached 100,000 on September 12!

Through Twitter, Travel Alberta reaches out to followers in more than 10 countries worldwide to connect with visitors and inspire other potential travellers to Alberta. The audience is mainly made up of North Americans (69%) with Albertans representing the largest group of that audience (36%).

“Because a large portion of our followers live here they interact with people who are considering visiting Alberta,” said Nancy Smith, Social Media Manager at Travel Alberta. “They share recommendations through our @travelalberta channel with the genuine desire to help people enjoy their Alberta vacation.”

The Travel Alberta social media team leads in facilitating these conversations and providing information to our followers on Alberta experiences. Using social media platforms like Twitter is part of Travel Alberta's strategy to defend and grow our business and bring the brand to life with the goal of increasing tourism revenues for the province.

Anyone can get involved with Travel Alberta's Twitter page by tweeting us @travelalberta and participating in fan conversations.  

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