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Community Newsletter Buy-In Opportunity

Reach the suburban market in Calgary and Edmonton neighborhoods with engaging full color campaign ads coupled with your coupons and offers.  

February 1 is the deadline for the May 2013 issue.
Cost: $650 per city, per run date.

Travel Alberta provides the imagery on the top third of the page. The remainder of the page is reserved for four partner coupons. Your offer must be a compelling value incentive such as a coupon, percentage or other strong offer.  

Community Newsletters are available in Calgary and Edmonton for the months of May, June, and November, 2013.  

This opportunity is part of a series of marketing opportunities developed by Travel Alberta for the Canadian market in 2013-2014 to magnify your marketing efforts. Travel Alberta values its industry partnerships and is always striving to help leverage your marketing dollars. We’ve all seen the benefits of working together on marketing initiatives.

Click here for more information and to sign up.

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For questions, please contact:
Victoria Delorme, Specialist, Industry Programs, Travel Alberta  
Phone: 780-784-0069

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