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Tourism Industry Priorities

Priorities to focus on for 2016

If Canada's travel and tourism industry is to reach its full potential as an economic driver of growth and job creation, federal leadership is needed to move forward on a National Tourism Accord. Here are some of the challenges TIAC would like to see a national accord focus on:

  • Canada's inadequate international marketing budget is seriously reducing the ability to generate demand in key markets;
  • Although there has been some progress, accessibility of travel visas is still a major hindrance for potential incoming tourists;
  • The tourism industry is currently experiencing a significant labour shortage, particularly in Western provinces;
  • Canadian tourism experiences need reliable investment in product development in order to stand out in a competitive global travel market.

TIAC has set forth a series of recommendations to government to help the industry overcome these challenges. Tourism has always been a stable driver of the Canadian economy yet its potential remains largely untapped due to the barriers mentioned here. Read more about these challenges and TIAC's recommendations to government by clicking here.

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