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Canada’s West Marketplace Scholarship Program

Travel Alberta’s strategy is to target high potential international markets with export-ready experiences. The Canada’s West Marketplace Scholarship Program is designed to help industry showcase Alberta travel experiences to international tour operators at the annual Canada’s West Marketplace.  

Attracting more than 120 international tour operators and wholesalers from Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas, Canada’s West Marketplace is the most effective way for Alberta and British Columbia tourism suppliers to present their products, experiences and services to tourism buyers from around the world. 

The Canada’s West Marketplace Scholarship Program is an innovative program that assists Alberta-based tourism businesses that offer export-ready products or services. The program provides financial support and coaching to attend Canada’s West Marketplace. Space has been reserved for scholarship recipients at the upcoming 2014 Canada’s West Marketplace to be held in Canmore, Alberta, November 17 - 20, 2014.  

If your business meets the following criteria and you would like to be considered for the CWM Scholarship Program, please complete the attached application.

CWM Scholarship Criteria:

  • Business practices meet the requirements of Canada’s West Marketplace organizers (refer to attached Application pg. 3).
  • Have not previously participated in Canada’s West Marketplace.
  • Be the owner, provider and deliverer of the experience. Tourism businesses that repackage or resell another company’s experiences are not eligible to apply.
  • Be willing to register and pay expenses to attend three consecutive Canada’s West  Marketplaces, being reimbursed by Travel Alberta for qualifying expenses, after the marketplaces (per the table below)
  • The program is not open to transportation providers.

Year One 2014 – Alberta 
 75% of registration fees, accommodation and travel expenses
 25% (estimated at $650)
Year Two 2015 – British Columbia
 75% of registration fees, accommodation and travel expenses
 25% (estimated at $850)
Year Three 2016 - Alberta
 50% of registration fees, accommodation and travel expenses
 50% (estimated at $1,200)

Relevant Dates: 
• CWM Scholarship application deadline: July 8, 2014;
• Selected applicants to be contacted by: July 14, 2014; 
• Deadline for seller payments: September 5, 2014

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