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Australia Long-Haul Travellers Fall in Love with Canada’s Natural Beauty

Australians tend to take an upbeat view on life, and that optimism is reflected in their travel plans. More than a third (39%) believe they will take more long-haul trips in the next two to three years, as well as spend a little more money outside Australia within the next 12 months, says the latest Global Tourism Watch (GTW) Australia summary report by the Research department of Destination Canada.

More key facts and figures:

  • Beauty is in the eyes of Aussie beholders, as Canada’s natural wonders and geography place it ahead of other competing international destinations, including the US, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Interest and consideration in Canada is significantly higher among Australians aged 18 to 34.
  • Australia is the world’s eighth-largest outbound tourism market; Australians made 8.8 million international trips in 2013, spending $27.3 billion while on the road.
  • Australia’s economy has enjoyed almost two decades of uninterrupted growth, low inflation and low employment, fertile grounds to encourage travel.
  • British Columbia (84%) and Ontario (69%) cut a dash as the top two provinces for Australians planning to visit Canada in the next two years.
  • The US remains the most popular destination overall for Australian travellers, followed by the UK and Canada.
  • Guided city tours, guided excursions beyond the city, day cruises and wildlife viewing were the top four activities for recent Aussie visitors to Canada.
  • Just over half of Australian travellers aged 18 to 34 shared photos or videos of their trip experiences on social media while still on vacation.
  • Among those Aussies who have travelled to Canada in the past three years, 60% used a travel agent to book flights or accommodation, significantly higher than the 38% average using a travel agent for other destinations.
  • Potential cost is the main barrier to Australian consumers booking a Canadian vacation.
  • Friends and family, traveller review websites and travel agents are the three go-to sources of travel information for Australians.
  • Fifty-four percent of Australian visitors to Canada would recommend our country to friends, family or colleagues, far more than for the US (41%).

TNS conducts the Global Tourism Watchsurveys for Destination Canada. The company asks thousands of participants aged 18 and over from around the world for their views on Canada and Destination Canada’s “Canada. Keep Exploringtourism brand. The 2014 reports better reflect current travel realities and gather more in-depth information via a substantially revised questionnaire. 

Read the Global Tourism Watch 2014 Australia summary report.


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