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Calgary’s promotional agencies join forces to encourage expressions of civic pride

Tourism Calgary and Calgary Economic Development are partnering on a local marketing initiative over the next month with a simple, powerful message that celebrates our city, our people and the countless things that make Calgary one of the most amazing cities in the world.

“Through our work of bringing Calgary to the world, and the world to Calgary, Tourism Calgary and Calgary Economic Development are in the optimal position to see the best in our city. There’s no doubt that we’re facing tough times, but through it all, the best parts of who we are haven’t changed,” says Cindy Ady, CEO Tourism Calgary. “We think it’s important to help Calgarians renew their love for Calgary by reminding them of the reasons our city is such great place in which to live, do business and visit.”

“It’s important to get people talking about our city. Calgarians are our best ambassadors and the best people to explain the unique spirit of our city to their families and friends down the street or across the country,” said Mary Moran, President and CEO of Calgary Economic Development. “Simply by telling people the things you love about Calgary will make a difference.”

The focus of this initiative is to highlight the passion and pride that resides within Calgary, with the objective of inspiring Calgarians to become advocates for their city, engage in their community, and to spend locally.

Beginning Tues. Oct. 11, three campaign videos will launch on local broadcast and on-line channels. The video series is designed to capture Calgary’s unique spirit through showcasing the many hands that come together to make Calgary an amazing city.

Calgarians are encouraged to use the #LoveYYC hashtag to celebrate what makes our city unique and build awareness about the many known and unknown things that contribute to making our city terrific.

The campaign will culminate with a city-wide #LoveYYC Day celebration on Saturday, Nov. 5. Calgarians will be encouraged to explore and experience their city and support local businesses. In turn, all Calgary businesses are encouraged to share their best possible one-day offers to incentivize new customers to try products or experiences and fall in love with our city all over again.

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