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“For every job you see in tourism, there are hundreds you don’t”: Watch our Tourism Works Video

Tourism is a strong and dynamic $8.3 billion industry in Alberta, supporting over 19,000 businesses and over 127,000 jobs.

Alberta is experiencing one of the toughest economic cycles in decades. During this challenging time, Alberta’s visitor economy continues to demonstrate that it is a core pillar of economic diversification and is growing fast. Overall, total tourism spending in Alberta increased to $8.3 billion in 2014, up five per cent from the year before. Total visits also grew to 34.7 million.

The importance of this economy can’t be underestimated. Tourism’s full impact is felt when the multiplier effect of tourist spending ripples throughout our whole economy, supporting job creation, infrastructure development and community building.

For a stronger Alberta economy, tourism is a growing opportunity, not only in driving revenue for the province, but by contributing to the vitality of our communities.

As Team Alberta, we will persevere in our efforts to present compelling invitations for the world to visit Alberta, and support our government in their continued action to create jobs and deliver economic diversification.

Travel Alberta