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TIAC Recommendations Endorsed in Parliamentary Committee Report on Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources (HUMA) recently released its report and recommendations from its recent study of Canada's TFW Program.

The Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) is pleased that the HUMA report sets out a path to re-balance the program to meet the labour market needs of Canadian employers, particularly those in remote and seasonal industries, with a priority to hire Canadians first.

In what we consider a victory for the travel and tourism industry, the report includes several of TIAC's recommendations regarding a path to citizenship for TFWs, a review of the application fee and criteria, and increased access to the program for seasonal and remote operations.

Please read the full HUMA report here.

Now that this report is tabled, the government has 120 days to respond. TIAC would like to call on the tourism industry across Canada to contact their local MP, to express industry support for the recommendations, to explain the lengths that employers have gone to employ Canadians first, to explain how the labour shortage impacts their operation and to explain how the Report's recommendations will benefit their business and their community.

Tourism Industry Association of Canada