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Visitors to Banff National Park now enjoy new ‘Welcome Tour’ App for travel from Calgary

Thanks to an innovative new app offered by GyPSy Guide, visitors to Banff National Park can now enjoy a highly informative and entertaining Welcome Tour, free and available for download on iPhones and iPads.

The Welcome Tour automatically provides pertinent visitor information as travellers drive their own personal or rented car, recreational vehicle, or while riding on any of the comfortable airport shuttle services. The app’s content is filled with interesting stories, tips, and advice on what to do in Banff National Park.

“It is truly an engaging welcome experience like no other and includes up to two hours of information that will be sure to enrich the journey to the Rockies” says Rick Bulich, Director of Business Development, GyPSy Guide. “It is exactly what you might expect to receive from a local expert or a friend from the area. We want people to be excited about arriving in Banff”.

GyPSy Guide partnered with top experience providers in Banff National Park and Alberta, including Parks Canada, Brewster Travel Canada, Discover Banff Tours, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and Banff Lake Louise Tourism.

“For most of us, vacation time is precious and it is easy to be overwhelmed by things to do”, says Kurt Schroeder, Director of Marketing and Communications at Banff Lake Louise Tourism. “Banff National Park has such a wonderful variety of experiences and activities to choose from, a service like this truly helps our visitors get a jump on their decisions and make the most of their holiday”.

The tour commences from either Calgary International Airport or downtown Calgary and also provides directions for the best routing to Banff. The app is free and once downloaded, the tour does not incur any data or roaming charges, even for international visitors. It is recommended that visitors download the app prior to travel from their home wireless network. If downloading after arrival in Calgary, visitors can take advantage of the many free wireless services available throughout the city, whether at the airport, hotels, restaurants or cafes.

The Welcome Tour concept is a spin-off from the tourism award-winning GyPSy Guide GPS self-drive tours, specifically designed for visitors who travel independently and without guides, but who still want to experience regional lore and gain that insider knowledge that usually only comes from locals’ recommendations. 

The tour can be downloaded at 

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