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New tourism brand highlights authentic experiences in breathtaking landscapes in Alberta - Visitors advised “remember to breathe.”

Alberta will begin marketing tourism under a new brand that focuses on the unique and authentic experiences that visitors can enjoy in breathtaking landscapes, Travel Alberta has announced.

“Alberta is blessed with so many real and memorable experiences in one of the most spectacular backdrops in the world and we are confident that we will raise awareness of Alberta with travellers around the world with the message ‘remember to breathe’ when you visit here,” said Bruce Okabe, Chief Executive Officer of Travel Alberta. “This message will differentiate Alberta from competing vacation destinations both in Canada and internationally and underpin our strategy to grow tourism spending in the province $1 billion by 2016.”

Tourism currently attracts more than 22 million visitors annually to Alberta who spend more than $5 billion in the province. The industry generates more than $2 billion in annual tax revenue for federal, provincial and municipal governments and employs more than 90,000 people.

“Travel Alberta has worked with our tourism industry to embrace a new approach to marketing our province – one that aligns with the Alberta brand launched two years ago,” said Jack Hayden, Minister of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation. “I am confident that tourism operators across the province will rally behind this new brand, helping us make a stronger impact in a crowded global marketplace.”

“Research by Travel Alberta confirms that ‘remember to breathe’ is a powerful expression of what makes this province so attractive to the travellers who are the target of our marketing programs,” Royce Chwin, Travel Alberta’s Managing Director, Global Marketing and Brand Strategy. “Travel experiences in every community throughout the province reflect that sentiment which millions of visitors enjoy every year,” he said. “The brand promise speaks to the emotional connection that surprises a first time visitor and the feelings that keep travellers coming back to their favourite places in Alberta. We know that it is an extremely attractive message for youthfully-spirited travellers.”

Alberta’s new tourism brand is the result of an 18-month process which included consultation with industry stakeholders representing all regions of the province as well as opinion research with frequent travellers in Alberta’s target tourism markets in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

The first phase of the new brand will launch with Travel Alberta’s winter consumer campaigns in the United States and Canada beginning next month. The multi-media campaigns include television commercials, print advertising, social media and a new website 

See Travel Alberta’s ‘remember to breathe’ commercials on YouTube by clicking here.

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