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Business Performance & Economic Indicators project

The Business Performance & Economic Indicators project will allow Tourism Canmore Kananaskis to measure the growth of our economy, determine what sectors are growing or not growing, and what impact our marketing efforts, weather, and other initiatives have on the local economy.

We are looking for businesses that wish to participate in this pilot project by providing sales data on a confidential basis to Collins Barrow, Chartered Accountants. Collins Barrow will amalgamate all data and provide us with a snapshot of the local economy. Your sales information remains completely confidential, and no one will ever be able to identify the sales numbers from any specific business.

The benefit to you? You will be able to benchmark your business against others within your industry to see how you are performing. For your participation, your business will receive on a regular basis:

• an integrated dashboard report, providing insight on aggregate sales performance within the accommodation, retail and food and beverage sectors; 

• analysis of seasonal trends and events which impact consumer spending decisions; and, 

• insight on the overall performance of the economy by monitoring key performance indicators.

The benefit to the community is that we will be able to quickly see how business sectors are performing, and how various marketing initiatives are impacting business sales.

Click here to register and find out more about the project.

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