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Travel Alberta’s 2014-2017 strategic direction

Travel Alberta’s 2014-2017 Strategy publication is now available online. The publication outlines our business and marketing direction for the next three years and details our strategic objectives, corporate scorecard and marketing plans.

Tourism in Alberta is a $7.4 billion industry providing sustainable economic benefits to all regions of Alberta. The core elements of this strategy will help guide our objective to grow tourism revenues to $10.3 billion by 2020 in alignment with Alberta’s Tourism Framework.

“The future of tourism in Alberta has never looked brighter,” says Bruce Okabe, Travel Alberta’s Chief Executive Officer. “The Conference Board of Canada continues to rank Alberta at the top of its class in terms of tourism revenue growth, regions in Alberta are experiencing growth in their visitor economy, and overall we’ve seen a 46 per cent growth in the Tourism Levy since 2009.”

Also outlined in the Strategy publication are industry performance indicators that monitor the pulse of Alberta’s tourism industry and help Travel Alberta remain aligned and agile in our marketing efforts.

Travel Alberta’s marketing plan continues to leverage Alberta’s tourism brand (remember to breathe). This powerful message resonates with travellers. It continues to inspire Albertans to travel throughout Alberta, and to influence travellers to visit and find adventure in Alberta’s tourism experiences.

On April 1, 2014, Travel Alberta celebrated a five-year milestone as a Crown corporation and the provincial tourism marketing agency of the Government of Alberta. Look for Travel Alberta’s story in this latest Strategy document to to see how far we’ve come over the past five years both as an organization and as a tourism industry.

Travel Alberta is the tourism marketing agency of the Government of Alberta. Established as a Crown corporation on April 1, 2009, the agency promotes Alberta’s authentic experiences in breathtaking landscapes both at home and around the world. Travel Alberta operates under authority of the Travel Alberta Act, and is accountable to the Minister of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation.

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