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Updated Alberta Travel Planner now available

Travel Alberta continues to bring Alberta’s tourism brand to life with the rollout of this year’s refreshed edition of the Official Alberta Travel Planner.

This award-winning publication is a signature marketing piece for Travel Alberta. Showcasing Alberta’s authentic experiences and breathtaking landscapes, it features travel planning information and inspirational content to motivate youthfully spirited adventurers to discover and explore Alberta.  

The current Travel Planner has been in circulation for approximately 18 months. Updates have been made to this year’s edition in order to continue to reflect Alberta’s changing tourism environment, continue to differentiate Alberta as a tourism destination and to meet customer needs. Look for additional winter experiences, extra trip planning information and revised mapping and indexing.

The development of this publication was a collaborative effort with our tourism partners from across the province and is regionally representative to promote the diversity of experiences available in Alberta.

The Official Alberta Travel Planner is now available to view, download or order at, to pick up at Visitor Information Centres across the province or by calling 1-800-ALBERTA. 

The Official Alberta Travel Planner supports our global marketing efforts by encouraging visitation and inspiring youthfully spirited adventurers to travel often and stay longer in Alberta, thus increasing tourism levy receipts. It is part of a suite of marketing opportunities that supports Travel Alberta’s strategy of growing tourism revenues $10.3 billion by 2020.


Travel Alberta