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Further Information Available on the TFW Program Changes

Following the recent announcement of the removal of 10% caps on low wage Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWs) for seasonal tourism occupations with a work period of 6 months or less, TIAC would like to offer further clarification on some aspects of the program.

What has changed for the TFW program?

Tourism TFWs (hired for periods of 6 month or less, in low wage, seasonal positions) are exempt from program caps and WILL NOT be included in cap limit calculations of 20% (and 10% once the cap is reduced on July 1, 2016).

  • The $1,000 fee per worker and the LMIA requirements still apply.
  • Businesses can apply for as many 180-day positions as they want but the applications must be made in one bulk application. To be clear, only ONE application can be submitted under this exemption but that application can cover multiple temporary foreign workers.
  • The department suggests that to avoid confusion, businesses apply for their 6 month TFWs in a separate application than their application for longer term TFWs.
  • Applications should be made by December 31st 2016.

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