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Hotelier Jim Muir named Alberta’s 2016 Alto Ambassador

Jim Muir, a 25-year leader in Alberta hotels and tourism, has been named Alberta’s 2016 Alto Ambassador. The honour is given annually to an exceptional Albertan who has made an outstanding contribution to the province’s tourism industry.

Since moving to Alberta in 1991, the Ontario-raised hotelier and entrepreneur has run or opened 12 hotels and resorts and three restaurants across the province, and says the process is never easy.

“Opening a hotel takes the life out of you,” Jim laughs. “More than once we’ve had to pull rabbits out of hats, but when it’s finally done, the feeling is often quite euphoric.”

In 1996, he founded Summit Resort Management, which became Clique Hotels and Resorts, and has since opened and operated facilities throughout Alberta, including Advantage West Inns & Suites in Fort McMurray, the Acclaim Hotel, Applause Hotel and Hotel Clique in Calgary, and Falcon Crest Lodge, Copperstone Resort, Stoneridge Mountain Resort and Blackstone Mountain Lodge in Canmore. The Canmore properties maintain the top four rankings on Trip Advisor, with the new Calgary hotels quickly rising to the top.

“There’s no question that Jim has made an incredible contribution to the Tourism Industry in Alberta,” says Tyler Riopel, Chair of the 2016 Alberta Awards Committee. “He demonstrates an innovative approach through the Clique Hotels & Resorts group, champions collaboration and drives those around him to strive for excellence.”

Jim’s hotels are often inspired by travelling to other countries and adapting the innovations he sees to the Alberta market. Hotel Clique and the Applause Hotel are recent examples, with these hotels showcasing theme suites like “Rock and Roll” and “Euro Chic.” His hotels have also been widely recognized for excellence in hospitality, including a 2012 Alto Award for Service Excellence.

“Jim is a trendsetter for the tourism industry,” says Farra Gillis, Sales & Marketing Manager with Clique Hotels and Resorts. “He closely studies the marketplace and strategically designs, markets and builds properties where they will have the most impact.”

Read a full profile of Jim Muir on the Alto Awards page. The Alto Ambassador award will be presented to Jim at the Alto Awards gala in Banff on October 24, in conjunction with the 16th annual Travel Alberta Industry Conference.

Alto Awards in nine other categories will also be presented at the event.

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