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2013 Canadian Tourism Marketing Summit – February 5 – 6, Toronto

If you market Canadian travel product – the Canadian Tourism Marketing summit is for you! The issues, the trends, the ideas—all in one place. It’s domestic and international travel up close and under the microscope.


*Destination Marketing Organizations *Reservation System Suppliers *Attractions *Travel Consolidators *Convention and Trade Show Venues *Public/Government Relations Firms *Transportation Companies *Advertising Agencies *Tour Packagers/Wholesalers *Travel Agencies *Arts and Cultural Institutions *Events and Festivals *Consultants and Advisors *Sports and Recreation Operators and *Media.


The Canadian Tourism Marketing Summit examines the importance of (and the required activities) supporting tourism marketing, with a focus on bringing international visitors to Canada as well as domestic travel.


Program sessions that may be of interest include:


The Power of Advertising – Terry O'Reilly: Branding is more than a logo and a slogan - it's how people judge you and file you in their minds. Learn the value of branding and how it can attract business, create goodwill and loyalty and how storytelling can enhance your brand.

Canada & USA: Competitors or Strategic Allies? - BRAND USA MEETS THE CTC: With a year under their belts, a new CEO and a truly impressive marketing budget, BRAND USA presents a host of challenges and opportunities for the Canadian tourism industry. And all this in the face of reduced Canadian marketing resources. This session explores how Canada and the U.S. can work together in bringing international visitors to North America, as well as, identifying other areas of collaboration—and competition—between our two national marketing entities. The discussion moderated by CBC's Amanda Lang features the Canadian Tourism Commission's Michele McKenzie and Brand USA's newly-installed CEO, Christopher Thompson.

Demystifying Facebook & Socials Role for the Travel Industry – with Lee McCabe, Head of Travel at Facebook: responsible for how Facebook thinks about and works with travel marketers.

The DMO of the 21st Century: The relevancy of the traditional DMO is changing. But how fast and is the change universal? This session explores some of the leading edge innovations powering DMOs.

TAP’ing into Future Convention Bids: explaining how Trends Analysis Projections (TAP) products to develop and measure sales and marketing strategies.

How Investment in Attractions Builds Destination Appeal

Casino & Gaming’s Role in Marketing Destinations


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