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Tourism Calgary Q4 2013 Destination Report

Flood recovery efforts in the third quarter of 2013 paid dividends as travellers returned, and Calgary’s momentum as a travel destination continued to grow. The “Calgary, Our Doors are Open.” campaign was presented with provincial and national tourism awards for marketing excellence and Tourism Calgary extends its thanks and congratulations to the entire industry for its support and remarkable recovery efforts.

Here are just a few highlights of the year-end totals and Q4 results:

•Although there was much variability in the different quadrants, Calgary’s year-to-date occupancy rose 2.2 percentage points to 73.1% compared to 70.9% in 2012, exceeding the 2013 target of 72% occupancy overall.

•Tourism Calgary has generated more than 200,000 referrals to tourism industry businesses through and visitor information centres.

• ended the year with more than 1.3 million visits – a 30% increase from the previous year.

•The media team generated more than $800,000 in print and online coverage in Q4, contributing to a total of more than $6 million in media value in 2013.

•In Q4, travel trade focused on the DERTOUR Academy, where 576 German and Austrian travel agents were trained on creating Calgary itineraries and 288 travel agents were hosted on one- or two-night Calgary tours. As a result, German travel to Calgary and Alberta is expected to increase significantly in 2014.

•In Q4, 17 sport and cultural event leads were converted definite resulting in 21,122 room nights contracted contributing to the year-end total of 50 confirmed events and more than 44,000 room nights contracted. 

For more detailed results about Tourism Calgary activities, including the summer regional and national advertising campaign final results, please download the Q4 2013 Destination Report

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