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Canadian Badlands Tourism launches website for partners

Canadian Badlands Tourism has launched a new website designed specifically for partners and shareholder communities in the region. The new website at was a year in the making.

“This new website is central to the Canadian Badlands Tourism strategy to create strong and supportive relations with our stakeholders, including governments, residents of the Canadian Badlands region, tourism partners and potential investors," says Cindy Amos, executive leadership of Canadian Badlands Tourism. “ aligns with Alberta’s new Tourism Framework that aims to build tourism with a supportive, integrated platform for working with key catalyst organizations,” she says.

Canadian Badlands Tourism is taking advantage of this new website to release its 2013 annual report which details progress on 19 action projects undertaken throughout the region in the past year to building and growing tourism in Alberta’s most popular rural destination for visitors.

Other features of the new site include:
• Removal of all log-in requirements so that anyone – from shareholders seeking information and resources to media researching travel stories on the region – can access the website freely.
• The “Brochure Builder” is a new tool, which allows tourism operators in the region to create their own brochures to attract visitors and investors. The tool, utilizing an extensive database of more than 8,000 photographs from all over the region, produces a professional looking, electronic file ready for printing.
• A new investment attraction section where tourism developers can post opportunities for potential investors to consider.
• A comprehensive corporate news information tool, where anyone can find information such as annual reports and press releases.
• Mobile compatibility by adapting to various screen sizes, computer platforms and browsers so that users can see the site on any smartphone or tablet.

The developer of the website, Adile Abbadi-McIntosh from Backgrount Technologies of Calgary, will be presenting a website orientation session at the 4th annual Canadian Badlands Tourism Conference on March 27 in Lethbridge. 

Canadian Badlands Tourism is the largest municipal partnership in Canada. Incorporated with 62 municipal government shareholders throughout south eastern Alberta, Canadian Badlands Tourism is dedicated to building and growing a thriving rural tourism destination by working collaboratively with municipalities, tourism operators and the Government of Alberta. In 2011, more than 4.2 million people visited the Canadian Badlands and spent $552 million in the region. 

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