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How not to market your business in ATIS

Listing your offer or experience on ATIS is easier than you think, especially when you check out the great advice offered through the ATIS Resource Hub. If all you have is a minute - here's how not to market in ATIS...

1. Fill your listing with jargon, abbreviations, and insider industry terms

Instead, you could write your description just as you would speak to one of your visitors when they arrive at your door, and don’t be afraid to add a bit of your personality or voice. It may be tempting to use industry jargon or abbreviations--trust us, we have lots of our own at Travel Alberta--but it’s better to avoid them all together.

2. Use heavily filtered or black and white photos

Photos should feel authentic and represent an activity that the average visitor can take part in. Throw in a breathtaking natural or urban landscape–something we have in abundance of in Alberta--and you have yourself a great photo that doesn't need a fancy treatment.

3. Copy and paste content from unrelated sources

Personalization and personality are approaches that resonate with people. Take a bit of time to customize content for each listing to make sure it fits the offer you are presenting. Remember that these listings will appear on websites outside of your own site (and your context). Writing in third person using “it” or “their” is best.

4. Don't bother updating your content

Inaccurate and outdated listing s can lead to frustration. Don’t include details such as business hours or pricing that could change, or remind yourself to update information on a seasonal or annual basis when changes are most likely to take place. In fact, while we are the topic, be sure to update your listing at least every six months for accuracy. As a Travel Alberta team member recently put it “Replacing the batteries in your smoke detector? Update your ATIS listing too.”

5. Stick with one ATIS content type

Each ATIS content type presents a unique opportunity to support travellers in their vacation planning process. Along with business and attraction listings you can also include events and offers. If it makes sense for your business, listing an event can create a sense of urgency, or a special offer can help a customer make a final purchasing decision.

ATIS is a great (free) tool in your arsenal for attracting new and returning visitors, and all the information you need to create great listings are at your fingertips. Avoid these pitfalls and together we will grow tourism in Alberta.

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