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Don’t Forget Digital: TA Partners with Southern Alberta Circle Tours on winning #InstaFaceOff Campaign

If your organization is eager to amp-up digital marketing efforts to reach a broader audience, check out the first of our digital marketing success stories from the Cooperative Marketing Investment Program for inspiration from those who are walking the walk.

Real results for Southern Alberta Circle Tours

In 2016, Chinook Country Tourist Association worked with 21 Southern Alberta attractions, in partnership with the Coop team, to launch their in-house designed Instagram #InstaFaceOff campaign.

The #InstaFaceOff campaign recruited a select group of local influencers, and challenged them to post compelling Instagram photos of regional attractions over six weeks. The resulting Instagram content showcased southern Alberta through the lens of a local hoping to share the hidden gems of the area, creating a more authentic story for potential travellers to discover.

CCTA and its partners secured half of their overall cost in marketing expenses through Cooperative Marketing investment and received ongoing support in the run up to the launch of their first major foray into social media.

“It was incredible to have that monetary support,” explains Candace Ebrey, Chinook Country Tourist Association Director of Marketing. “We had never done a social media or digital campaign at this level before with our partners. It involved bouncing ideas back and forth, putting ourselves out there and trying something completely out of the usual wheelhouse. We were nervous, but we were excited to commit to a plan and see where it would land."

The #InstaFaceOff campaign reached over 300,000 unique users, generated assets for future marketing endeavours and grew their Instagram account by 126 per cent; it also received an Alberta Tourism Award for marketing excellence under $10,000 in 2016. 

Ready to partner up?

The Cooperative Marketing Investment Program supports tourism operators in Alberta, last year investing $7 million across the province for approximately 350 projects in partnership with destination marketing organizations, towns, tourism organizations, attractions, hotels, not-for-profits, and economic development groups.

Along with financial assistance, the Coop program fosters close collaboration with partners through coaching and input into campaigns. Groups have applied for funding from as little as $250 to as much as $150,000 to supplement marketing activities, events and festivals, content development and experience development.

 Find out more on the Cooperative Marketing Investment Program and how to apply.

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