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Japan Update as of March 25

A survey of key Japanese tour operators this week indicates that most booking cancellations as a result of the earthquake/tsunami crisis were for travel to destinations other than Canada. More than 900 cancellations for travel to Canada have been recorded, predominantly in March and April. To date, there have not been many cancellations beyond Golden Week in Tokyo (May 3-5, 2011) and most operators are optimistic that summer/fall bookings will remain unaffected.

Air Canada has chosen to reduce the frequency of their Narita-Calgary service. Their operation for April will be 11 flights each way. Air Canada may reduce some flights in May, depending on number of bookings, but they plan to operate fully during the Golden Week period.

Travel Alberta is maintaining close contact with operators to share information, particularly on the timing of marketing activities. Travel Alberta also continues to work with Alberta industry partners, the CTC and other PMO’s so that “Team Canada” has a consistent approach to the marketplace.
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