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Lethbridge Sport Council receives Community Initiatives Program funding

The Lethbridge Sport Council is pleased to announce it is receiving Community Initiatives Program funding in the amount of $51,843 from the Ministry of Culture and Community Services to assist with sport tourism program development. 

Matching funds have been secured from several community stakeholders that have an interest and a role to play in sport tourism: Lethbridge Sport Council, Chinook Country Tourist Association, Lethbridge Lodging Association, Economic Development Lethbridge, and City of Lethbridge.

These stakeholders strengthen community capacity for sport tourism and came together in a partnership model to form the Lethbridge Sport Council - Sport Tourism Committee in the fall of 2011. This was based on a recommendation of the Sport Tourism Research Project completed by Westwinds Management Inc.   

Sport tourism is a grassroots economic development initiative involving municipal, sport and tourism partners. It is a $3.6 billion segment of Canada’s tourism industry and is Canada’s fastest growing tourism segment, which is recognized as a stabilizing force within the $84.8 billion Canadian tourism industry, especially during times of volatility within the industry. Research conducted in Canada during 1998 demonstrated that 37.3% of the 73,700,000 domestic recreational journeys were undertaken for attendance at a sports event.   

Lethbridge’s strengths are rooted in its collaborative approach and the utilization of the organizational strengths of each individual stakeholder. This sport tourism project will centre on mapping out the direction to take, and outlining our community's position by developing a business plan to operate a well-coordinated, sustainable, sport tourism branch of the Lethbridge Sport Council.   

As such, the Lethbridge Sport Council requests proposals from qualified consultants as Sport Tourism Project Lead to work with the Sport Tourism Committee on a one year CIP Project to research and complete a sport tourism business plan for Lethbridge. 

About the Lethbridge Sport Council: Our mission is to provide leadership and a collective voice for sport in Lethbridge. 

Chinook Country Tourist Association