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Alberta Stories Phase Two: Winter – What’s Your Story?

Travel Alberta has launched phase two of the Alberta Stories program and once again are inviting our partners around the province to share their stories with us. We know our greatest resource for unique and entertaining Alberta Stories is you. As our eyes and ears, you know your regions best.

The Alberta Stories initiative plays an important role in bringing Travel Alberta’s brand to life for local and global travellers. These documentary-style videos offer broad explorations of Alberta experiences and continue to deepen the connection we have with our audiences.
“Alberta Stories add further depth and colour to people’s awareness of Alberta as a tourism destination by showcasing the people, events and places that define Alberta’s character, ultimately answering the question, ‘what other Alberta experiences can I have?’,” explains Royce Chwin, Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications for Travel Alberta.

The focus of this second phase of filming Alberta Stories is on unique winter experiences. These stories are meant to describe distinctive encounters a traveller might share or brag about. Your story ideas could paint a vivid image of your region, show off a one-of-a-kind natural wonder or event, a thrilling tradition or even a fresh twist on a local delicacy.

The first phase of the Alberta Stories program saw the development of 15 new videos with the support of many industry partners with inspiring summer story ideas. They showcase the true character and distinctive personalities at the core of the Alberta tourism experience. Click here to see the Alberta Stories video compilation to give you a taste of what’s to come as we begin to promote the stories in the coming months.

How will Alberta Stories be selected?
As much as we’d love to tell every story that’s out there, we need to take a targeted approach. Ideas will be reviewed by a committee and each submission will be measured on several criteria:
• Uniqueness/authenticity
• Story depth
• Relevance to our audience
• Local and global appeal
• Potential for sharing through social media and multiple channels
• Availability of existing video assets

If your idea is selected, you’ll benefit from enhanced exposure, links to the videos and an introduction to online conversations that they generate. You will also receive a hard drive with video assets that you can use for promotional purposes. And even if a story isn’t selected for phase two, it will remain part of an active catalogue, to be considered for future marketing projects and media pitches. Even though our phase two focus is on winter, if you have a story for any other season, we’d love to hear about that too.

Submission deadline is Friday, November 30, 2012

Click here for Alberta Stories submission form

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