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Province partners with High River on long-term flood recovery

The Town of High River and the provincial government have worked together to put in place a long-term flood recovery plan for High River.

Under the plan, the Town of High River will lead long-term recovery efforts, making important decisions on recovery initiatives, long-term sustainability and resiliency projects. The province will offer guidance and funding throughout this process.

The goal of the plan, which will formally be in place until September 2018, is to assist the Town of High River in returning to normal operations while ensuring the town is sustainable and more resilient against future flooding.

“High River was hit particularly hard by the June 2013 floods and the recovery efforts to date have been phenomenal. The town’s long-term recovery plan builds on this work and sets the path to achieve stability and safety long into the future. We’re pleased to assist High River in this process and restore a vibrant Alberta community.”
- Greg Weadick, Minister of Municipal Affairs 

“The commitment of the Government of Alberta to the long-term recovery of our community is critical to the future of High River. So much has been accomplished but there is still so much to be done. We welcome and look forward to this continuing partnership with the province.” 
- Craig Snodgrass, Mayor of High River 

The plan builds on significant flood recovery supports the province has already provided to High River. This includes a $50 million Disaster Recovery Program payment advance, approximately $100 million for community mitigation projects, $46 million for long-term recovery initiatives, as well as other supports. In total, the province has allocated more than $215 million to High River’s recovery for the 2013 floods to date.

As with other communities impacted by the 2013 floods, High River will continue to be eligible for mitigation funding as future projects are developed and evaluated. Grants for community-level mitigation may also be available through the Alberta Community Resilience Program.

Significant projects have already been completed or are underway in High River. This includes the building of permanent berms and dikes to one-metre above the 2013 high-water mark, erecting interim berms in locations awaiting permanent measures, removal of the CP Rail Bridge, raising 498 Avenue East and restoring Wallaceville to an undeveloped state. A number of preferred Highwood River diversion and bypass options are being evaluated.

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