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Canada's Tourism Industry Welcomes New Airfare Advertising Rules

Canada's new all-inclusive airfare advertising regulations will promote fair competition among airfare advertisers and help consumers make informed purchasing decisions, according to the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC).


The new regulations require air service advertisers to display the total price a consumer must pay in order to fly, including all taxes, fees and charges. They also ensure that customers can access a breakdown of the taxes, fees and charges that make up the total cost of their fare.
The rules were formalized today by Hon. Denis Lebel, federal Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities after an extensive consultation process initiated by the Canadian Transportation Agency over the past year.


"Canada's tourism industry welcomes the new airfare advertising regulations announced today by Minister Lebel," said David Goldstein, President and CEO of TIAC. "The open and transparent consultation process undertaken by the Canadian Transportation Agency in the development of the new advertising rules should serve as a model for future cooperation between industry, consumer organizations and regulatory bodies."


TIAC looks forward to working with the federal government to address some of the outstanding issues affecting Canada's aviation competitiveness with the ultimate aim of bringing down the price of air travel in Canada.


About the Tourism Industry Association of Canada: The Tourism Industry Association of Canada is the only national organization representing the full cross-section of Canada's $78.8 billion tourism industry. TIAC's members include air and passenger rail services, airport authorities, local and provincial destination authorities, hotels, attractions and tour operators.

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